Laminating Machine

XD-C Model Glue spreading-overlaying-drying Machine

Product's Name:XD-C Model Glue spreading-overlaying-drying Machine

Product Intro:
The machine has three functions, it can automatically finish glue-spreading, overlaying and drying. It transfer the board with chain and chain wheel, you can see it has compact structure and easy operation.
It was used to overlay wood-grain paper and color paper NC film for composite fire-resistant board, and it can provide advanced processing to many kinds of wooden board (such as three-ply board, five-ply board, chipboard and particle board ). At the same time, it can manufacture various luxurious decorating board with times profit, and these boards are more suitable for Furniture Factory, Artificial Board Factory, Rural-Town Enterprise and Individual Enterprise to manufacture.
D, E Model Overlaying Production Line (PVC) is suitable for Large-scale Overlay Professional Factory. In view of that this production line with international leading level has such advantages: quick speed, no crinkle, no air bubble, high rate of graded product, advanced technical index, high precision, reasonable layout, fashionable structure and easy operation, so it is the ideal equipment for board overlaying paper, PVC film and polymer film.
Equipment collocation: Dust-cleaning and dust-collecting mechanism, single glue-spreading mechanism, glue-drying mechanism, paper-feeding and overlaying mechanism, automatic paper-cutting mechanism, heat pressing mechanism and re-pressing mechanism. 
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